Copy of Spice Rack Assembly Instructions - Inset Cabinets

This can be a little difficult. Installation of the spice pull out shelf.

Assembly of the spice pull out cabinet. We have made this full guide after our client Chablis had such a hard time with our old instructions. Thank you Chablis for pointing out our ineffective directions. These instructions should make it easy.

1) Assemble the cabinet as instructed in the standard cabinet assembly.

A) Start with one side and cabinet back. Install cam screws into the plastic screw holes. Do not over tighten. The base of the cam screw should touch the plastic.

B) Insert cam screws into the holes of the back piece. You can now take a cam lock piece. Place it into the hole with the arrow pointing towards the screw. Turn 180 degrees.

C) Take other side piece and repeat cam screw installation and secure with cam locks.

D) Insert cabinet bottom.

E) Install Toe Kick

F) Lay cabinet on its back. Install face frame. Face frame has an outer frame and a 1/2" inner "stop" frame. The small stop frame should be located on the top when standing up.

Your cabinet is now ready for step 2

2) Start by laying spice rack shelf out and select which side is the front.

Spice Rack Installation

3) Take a glide. Locate it on the lowest shelf about half way. The metal extension goes flush to the front. Add a small screw here.

Bottom Glide

4) Measure to make the glide nice and level onto the side.

Bottom Glide Attached

5) Screw in place. You can move the glide to expose a new hole to use. Screws must be set but not stripped into the wood.

Bottom Glide Screwed

6) Your first part of the glide is on. Extend it in and out to check it does not hit your screws.

Bottom Glide Attached

7) The glide is on. Add the metal boot. This can be a little difficult.

Bottom Glide Check Screws

8) Flip it over.

Spice Rack Installation

9) Add the second glide to the side of the top shelf. Make it nice and level on the side.

Top Glide Attached

10) Place the spice rack into the cabinet. Use non marking tape to proximate the location of the glide.

Mark Approximate Location

11) Remove the glides into two separate pieces. Find the black plastic pressure lock. Press it with your finger. Pull the glide away (Left in this picture)

Removing Glide

It will pull away and expose the entire black clip.

Sliding Glide Apart

12) Secure the left glide to the proximate location. Attach so all metal is on the rear piece of face frame.

Install Bottom Glide

13) Proper location.

Bottom Glide Attached

14) Measure front height. Level glide to back and secure back position.

Level Bottom Glide

15) Your glide should look parallel to the cabinet wall.

Bottom Glide Installed

16) Measure the inside of the glide. 3cm. We will use this in a minute.

Glide Spacing

17) Place the bottom glide back together by inserting it from the front. The upper glide will rest on the side and look very square.

Reinstall Spice Rack

18) Pull the rack out about 3/4 distance and extend the glide boot to the back of the cabinet. The top boot is almost in place.

Extend Boot

19) Measure the 3cm. Secure the top boot. You will need to extend the spice rack out to front.

Spacing For Boot

20) Spice rack is secured into cabinet and should operate freely.

Spice Rack Installed

21) Place your door into the front hole. Place it up to the front of the spice rack. Add fillers/spacers to get ready to secure door to front. The space from the door to the face frame should be 100% equal on each side.

Space Door

22) Add one screw. 1" is best. A longer screw may penetrate through the front of the cabinet door. Make sure the screw is going into the frame.

Screw Door

23) Secure the front with a second screw in the top section without moving the spacers.

Attach Door Bottom

24) Open the door. Secure the bottom section.

Add Bumpers

25) Add top bumper and bottom bumper.


You are done.

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