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Light Gray Inset Shaker Quarter Round Molding Trim Pieces

3/4" Wide by 8" length Light Gray Inset Quarter Round Molding for kitchen cabinets RTA (Ready to Assemble).

Quarter Round trim is used at the base of the cabinet where it meets the floor. 

All exposed visible areas are finished, Light Gray.

Adding a touch of class and style to your kitchen or bathroom cabinets doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right molding trim pieces, you can easily update the look of your space. Light gray inset shaker quarter round molding trim pieces are an easy way to enhance the overall look of your cabinets without breaking the bank. These pieces are designed to fit onto the inner lip of your cabinet doors and drawers, providing a beautiful touch of detail that will instantly update the look of your space.

Light gray is a classic color that adds subtle sophistication to any room, and these trim pieces are a great way to bring out this hue in a subtle yet effective way. The inset style makes them blend in nicely with the rest of your cabinets, while the shaker detail adds a modern touch that will instantly upgrade the look of your room. The quarter round design gives them a timeless and elegant feel that will add depth and character to your cabinets.

Installing light gray inset shaker quarter round molding trim pieces is a simple and cost-effective way to update the look of your cabinets and make a statement in your kitchen or bathroom. They are easy to install and require minimal effort, so you can get started on transforming the look of your home in no time. Add these beautiful pieces to your cabinets for a stylish, timeless look that you’ll love for years to come. If you want to take it a step further, consider adding other decorative accents such as handles or pulls in similar colors and styles. This will give your cabinets an even more cohesive look and feel, while also elevating their aesthetic appeal.

If you’re feeling especially bold, why not try adding wallpaper to the backsplash or walls behind your cabinets? This can add visual interest to an otherwise dull area and help tie the entire kitchen together. No matter what route you take, updating your cabinets with light gray inset shaker quarter round molding trim pieces is sure to breathe new life into your home and give it a refreshed, updated look.

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