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Crown Modern Euro Slab Cabinet Molding Trim Pieces

  • Modern Slab Thermofoil Crown molding trim parts for kitchen cabinets. Crown Molding is used at the top of the Wall Cabinets as decorative trim. 

Order your cabinets 3"s lower then your ceiling height. Add three inches of flat molding at the space above the doors with this trim. You can also cut this trim to any width to fill above the door to the ceiling. 

For a more perfect finish you would need to "scribe" the molding to the ceiling. This method is needed when a surface is not straight. 

Tip; Cut a piece of cardboard to the same size of the trim ordered. Draw and cut on the cardboard before cutting the trim piece. If you make a perfect size cardboard template you can mark your trim piece to be cut with superior results. If you mess up the cardboard you can always cut another piece of cardboard to try another template.

Find sheet cardboard at a packaging supply or shipping supply company. Cardboard sheets are available 4' x 8' for little cost. Each sheet can be cut into pieces for multiple templates.

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