1-1/4" Overlay Materials, construction and instructions. Quality Overlay Kitchen Cabinets with Instructions

The 1-1/4" Overlay Style we offer is a Builders Grade of cabinet with sizes available in 3" increments.

1-1/4" overlay kitchen cabinets are a popular choice for many homeowners because of their sleek and modern appearance with limited amount of face frame exposed. These cabinets feature doors that cover almost the entire face frame of the cabinet, leaving only a small 1/4" of face frame showing left and right of doors/drawers. This design creates a seamless and uniform look on the exterior.

One of the benefits of 1-1/4" overlay RTA (ready-to-assemble) kitchen cabinets is their ease of installation. Since they are pre-manufactured, they can be quickly assembled and installed without any need for custom fitting or cutting. This makes them an ideal choice for those who want to save time and money on their kitchen renovation while obtaining a quality product..

The minimal 1/4" face frame exposure on each side of the door provides a more substantial look and feel to the cabinets. Additionally, this design allows for the doors to open fully without hitting the adjoining door or wall, providing maximum accessibility and ease of use. Cabinets at inside corners will require fillers at most every installation.

When installing 1-1/4" overlay cabinets, it's important to keep in mind that fillers are necessary at inside corners to prevent drawers from hitting handles and at the ends of the cabinets to allow doors space to open. Without these fillers, the doors may not open fully or may hit nearby objects, causing damage to both the cabinets and the surrounding area.

Overall, 1-1/4" overlay RTA kitchen cabinets are an excellent choice for those who want a modern and stylish look for their kitchen while also prioritizing functionality and ease of use.

Our White Shaker 1-1/4" Overlay base kitchen cabinets, the perfect addition to any kitchen remodel or new construction project. These cabinets are ready to assemble (RTA) and feature a single top drawer and lower section with two doors, providing ample storage space for all of your kitchen essentials.

The "1-1/4" Overlay" style cabinet has doors and drawer fronts that are wider and taller than the opening in the face frame with a minimum of face frame showing. Only 1/4" of face frame is exposed left and right of the Door(s) / Drawer(s) and one inch (1") of face frame exposed on base cabinets above the top drawer to allow for varying front edge lip on countertops.

Constructed with plywood and solid birch wood, these cabinets are built to last. The 1/2" - 7 ply panels and 3/4" solid birch wood face frame front provide strength and durability, while the white satin cabinet exterior finish paint adds a sleek, modern touch. The interior is finished with polyurethane natural birch plywood for a polished look, and the rear panel features a grade A finished polyurethane natural birch interior with an engineered plywood backside for added rigidity. The shelving is 3/4" birch plywood with adjustable height shelf clips.

For added convenience, these cabinets come equipped with soft close hinges by STIANC (CLick here for link) and full extension, soft close undermount drawer glides by DTC. (Click here for link) Model - D-Motion Face frame SS30B Full Extension Undermount Slides with Peg Lock, ensuring a smooth and quiet operation every time.

The drawers themselves are constructed with solid birch wood and dovetail joinery, and it is recommended to add a small amount of glue when assembling.

Cabinet hardware comes with a lifetime warranty on full extension & soft close undermount drawer glides and European style hidden soft close hinges.

**All exposed sides of cabinetry are finished white. Skin panels not required. Toe kick required skin panels to match exterior color as well as cover seam between cabinets.

These contractor grade A kitchen cabinets are suitable for both residential new construction and remodeling projects, and all necessary hardware for assembly is included (handles not included). 

All hardware needed to assemble cabinetry is included.

Cabinet handles not included.

The cabinet box interior is natural birch with clear finish and shelving (when indicated) is coated with a clear UV protectant finish. 

California CARB2 Compliant.

Completed 1-1/4" White Shaker kitchen.

Farm sink installation with equal sized side cabinets and floating shelves.


Drawer base cabinets each come with three drawers. 

Full extension drawer hardware gives full access to drawer contents.

Dovetail drawer boxes (1/2" thick solid birch).

Cabinet shelf (full depth) and interior are clear coated for many years of use.

Full depth shelf - White Shaker 1-1/4" Overlay

Full depth shelf on base cabinet.

French cleat connection with side band plywood.

French cleat connection with side band plywood.  Quality reinforced Contractor Grade cabinets.

 Instructions for Assembly

1) Start by unboxing the materials of your cabinet. Separate the finished front pieces from the toe kick side or wall cabinet sides, top and bottom pieces. Shelf pieces have finished edges.

2) Take the cabinet front and insert the sides into the cleat connection. Slide the panel all of the way in.

French Cleat assembly

Be sure the front and sides line up flush together.

Face Frame and sides are flush

3) Install bottom of cabinet. Each panel gets two (2) metal corner brackets into locations with punched (marked) locations. 

For Pantry cabinet you install the mid section shelf at this time.


 Install cabinet base     Bottom shelf bracket


4) Attach the back panel. Screw into the bottom and top (pantry cabinet gets screws into back of middle shelf). Back panels take several screws including into side strips (as shown).

Attach back panel

5) Install strip supports into side grooves. Add plastic corner brackets at top and bottom for base cabinets. Wall cabinets and pantry cabinets use metal corner brackets.

  Install corner brackets plastic  Corner Brackets plastic


6) Install toe kick using two brackets.

Toe Kick Installation

7) Stand cabinet on base. Insert drawer boot into drilled holes. Screw into place.

8) Install drawer glides into glide boot. Rest the glide onto the face frame with front of metal flush with the front of the face frame.

Installing boot

Screw into place.

Drawer glide attachment

9) Construct drawer. It is best to glue dovetails. Assemble three (3) sides, insert drawer bottom, and connect forth side. 

Dovetail drawer

Add the drawer clip to the underside of the drawer box at the front side.

Drawer clip overlay kitchen cabinets

To install the drawer

Extend out the glides. Place the drawer box onto the glides. Place your hand on the glide and slide it out of the cabinet. The glide will click into place. Repeat other side.


 Installing Drawer with glide    Glide inserted into clip


10) Install the doors onto the cabinet.

Use the short screws to secure hinge onto the door. Using a long screw will go through the front finish - you do not want to do this.

Door installed

Attach the door(s) onto the cabinet. Use the long silver wood screw with rounded head. Screw locations are punched into the side of the face frame. Single door cabinet can have the door attached to open either directions.

Door Hinge Screw

 11) Attach your door and drawer bumpers. The doors and drawers can be adjusted using the adjustment screws and thumb wheels. With a little attention your doors and drawers will be nice and straight.








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