ROT Installation - Installing an Accessory Shelf - Inset Style Cabinets

Installation of the ROT - Roll Out Tray - Roll Out Shelf

Roll Out Tray Installed

Installation of the Roll Out Tray or Roll Out Shelf is a rather easy procedure. The important thing here is to have the back boot in the correct position and securing the blocks which are necessary to clear the inset doors.

Here are some helpful steps when installing the shelf. 

1) Get your parts together and identify what you are using.

 Hardware for ROT Inset Cabinetry - Installation Instructions

Attachment Blocks, Screws, Glide Boots

ROT Roll Out Tray for Inset Style Cabinets

Shelf Bottom and Dovetail Sides, Glides


2) Put your Roll Out Tray together using glue and a rubber mallet. Sorry no picture

3) Attach the attachment blocks using the long screws. Do not have the blocks too far to front. Blocks can be attached at any height you would like the shelf bottom to be located.

 Drawer Glide Attachment


4) Install the glides. There are two separate parts of the glide. Extend out the glide. You will see a black plastic strip. Press the strip and pull (gently). The glide will separate.

Secure the extension portion of the glide to the cabinet as shown. The other part is attached to the wood ROT.

 Glide Block Attached

Secure the front of the glide. It will be necessary to extend the glide to expose the hole for your screw. Keep the metal a little back from front


Glide Back Attachment

When securing "Boot" it may be best to use the center oblong hole first until you find the best securing spot. You can then add a second screw.


 5) Secure the second part to the wood ROT (Roll Out Tray). The left of this picture is the front. You will notice the metal sticks out slightly (1/8") This is to keep the ROT from hitting any door parts when the cabinet is closed. 

Secure the hardware to each side at the lower (Lowest) part of the side. This is shown upside down.

   Glide Secured to ROT - Inset Cabinetry    


 6) Insert the metal ROT glides into the extender glide portion installed into the cabinet. If you have a difficult time getting the glides to slide back you will need to check the installation location of the boots. If you are using the oblong screw holes you can loosen the screw to allow the boots to move and permit the pressure relief to allow the ROT to progress to the closed position.

 ROT Installation Instructions


7) Add the second screw to lock down your boots and tighten down the boot screws.

8) Close your doors and you should be done. 



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