Oak Custom Skin Panel for Inset Shaker Style


Each cabinet with an exposed side comes with a birch natural stain finish and will require a skin panel to match the cabinet finish.

1/4" thick panels to be applied to any surface of a cabinet to create a custom look. Shaker panel for kitchen cabinets RTA (Ready to Assemble). 

Available in a variety of sizes.

One side of the skin panels is finished Oak. Outside corner molding, light rail molding or 1-1/2" face frame required to any exposed underside, side, corner or edge.

For a classic and traditional look, the Inset Shaker Style skin panel is a perfect choice. This panel is designed to provide your cabinets with a sleek and timeless look that will make any kitchen feel warm and inviting.

The Inset Shaker Style skin panel is constructed of natural Oak wood plywood for superior strength and durability. The plywood panel is then covered with a UV Clear finish that helps to protect it from scratches, stains, and fading. 

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