Custom False Door Inset Shaker Decorative Style with Face Frame


Decorative Doors come sized to the nearest 1/4". 

Decorative panel to be attached to the side or front of a Custom Inset Style cabinet or used in custom designs. It is recommended to use the false panel trim between the face frame and the false panel as shown on the corner of the photo above.

Any Sherwin Williams Color Inset Shaker wall kitchen cabinet RTA (Ready to Assemble). 

The wall cabinet is 14" deep with a 1" face frame. The false panel will cover the side of the upper cabinet without covering the side of the face frame (13"). Easy to install.

The 23" x 30" panel is designed to cover the front of the dishwasher or the side panel of an exposed lower cabinet. Custom sizes also available.

The larger 84" and 93" panels properly fit the side of a refrigerator panel, oven cabinet, or pantry cabinet. The actual panel size is 4-1/2" shorter as it does not cover the toe kick.

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