Sample Door Black Shaker - Size 11-3/4" x 13-7/8"

This is a sample door for our Black Shaker cabinetry. It is inset into a sample cabinet face frame to show the "Inset" style of our cabinets.

Size 11-3/4" x 13-7/8". This sample is for our painted Black Shaker kitchen cabinet.

All of our Inset cabinetry has the following features:

  • Base cabinets that are 24 inches deep and 34.5 inches tall
  • Wall cabinets are available 30" tall, 36"s tall and 42" tall by 12"s deep (Stock Sizes)
  • Cabinet boxes are made of 1/2-inch 7-ply plywood birch with a clear natural birch color finish.
  • Cabinet faces made of solid birch wood that is 3/4" inch thick with a 3/4"-inch thick face frame and 3/4-inch thick cabinet door which overlays the 1-1/2" wide face frame by 1-1/4". 
  • Cabinet door frames that are 3/4 inch thick, made of four separate pieces which are 2-3/4" wide including the 1/4" bevel with tongue and groove joinery. The center panel is 1/4 inch thick and inset into the door frame.
  • Drawer hardware from DTC, a popular manufacturer, with full-extension glides and a soft-close feature.
  • Door hardware that stays open at 105 degrees and softly closes with a light push.
  • Base cabinets include a single shelf
  • Wall Cabinets have two (2) shelves for the 30" and 36" tall cabinets and three (3) shelves for the 42" tall cabinets.
  • Pantry cabinets come with three (3) shelves


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