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Quality Materials Give Longevity to Your New Kitchen Cabinets and Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

You have heard the saying "Not all kitchen cabinets are made of the same materials". Perhaps not! It is surely better to hear it before purchasing thousands of dollars of cabinets.

Yes our cabinets are made of quality materials. Our overlay cabinets are made of Rubber Wood, Maple and Walnut. All are very good products that outshine the major retailers product line. Our inset cabinets are made of Maple. Maple plywood for the cabinet sides with solid wood for the face frames (cabinet fronts) and the doors and drawer fronts. The center panels on the doors are either solid wood on the raised panel doors or plywood on the shaker.


Do the cabinets have face frames???

Yes, all of our products have face frames. Many online retailers are offering the "European" full size door on their cabinets which hides the low quality materials of the cabinetry behind the full sized doors. We have "Inset" cabinetry. Perhaps the hardest and most expensive cabinet to have produced. Our product line is very competitive.

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